Cleaning your coffee machine

The Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule formulation/ingredient is more of a detergent based chemical designed for the build-up that is found in the brewing chamber of coffee machines which contains granules, oils, tannins and odours.

Thanks to it’s encapsulation design, the pressure build up and delivery method combined with it’s unique foaming action gets to all the impossible to reach places inside the brewing chamber of you Nespresso® coffee machine.

This build up can cause blockages which can lead to pump overload and eventual failure, and will influence the flavour of the beverage being dispensed, especially coffee as this is hydroscopic and highly absorbent that will pick up flavours easily.


Descaling your coffee machine

All coffee machines and appliances that come into contact with water build up deposits of calcium and lime scale over time (the white build up you see in kettles). This gets worse depending on the hardness of the water supply.

“Descaling” is the act of stripping these deposits from your machine’s internal components such as the boiler/thermoblock, pump and pipes using an acid based chemical. Over time this build up can cause blockages and also reduce the effectiveness of the boiler/thermoblock to heat up the water. To keep your machine functioning properly, you should remove these build-up’s by descaling regularly.

This however lacks the essential pressure build up, ingredients and foaming action to clean the brewing chamber of your coffee machine